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4 Little Monsters needs your help!

Posted by Rachel Kirk on
4 Little Monsters needs your help!

I entered the FedEx small business grant contest and have a shot at winning up to $50,000 for 4 Little Monsters!

I have high hopes to see my business grow, and currently I am at a point where product demand is exceeding my production capabilities. As most of you know, 4 Little Monsters is both owned and operated by me (Rachel), out of my very tiny home apartment. I'm so grateful that I have a space to create, package, and make treats, but, as I get busier, finding space gets a lot harder! I'm getting more and more orders, and also picked up another wholesale account (which is SO AMAZING!!!), and I wouldn't say I'm struggling to keep up, but I am struggling on where to store and make everything!

If I were to win this grant money, it would go towards a bigger workspace, to make my production process a whole lot smoother! It would also allow me to carry inventory, because right now everything is made to order. My main goal is to expand 4 Little Monsters. I have some big ideas for new products, and where I would like to see this business go in the future! One of the main things I love doing in life is fostering shelter animals and helping them find homes. I often donate collars and leashes to our local shelter, as well as a portion of our proceeds, and in the future I would really love to expand on that and help out even more.

This is where you come in!

I need your help to vote for 4 Little Monsters in order to help us win the grant money. Winners are not selected by the amount of votes they get, however, votes do help you stand out and be selected as a finalist. I can imaging there are a lot of entries for this contest! The contest started back in February, but I was late to the game and only found out about it just over a week ago, so I am way behind on votes!

Voting is SO easy and takes less than 2 minutes. Your help would seriously mean the world to me! I'll post the direct link below to make it even easier for you!

Also keep in mind, you can vote every single day until April 1st!!

 Copy and paste this link into your browser to vote for us!:

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