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Whats in your bowl?!

Posted by Rachel Kirk on
Whats in your bowl?!
I want to hear all about what your dog eats for their meals, and their treats. Do they eat twice a day, or once? And where do you get their food?! If you make their food, do you meal plan, or just prep things day by day?
The Monsters eat once a day. I feed them a raw diet that I "make" myself. I use that term lightly because I don't feel like I'm actually making anything. I just cut up pieces of meat and toss it in their bowl. I've always been very relaxed about the way I do their meals. When I first brought Polu home almost 8 years ago, I did a ton of research on raw feeding. These days, there are WAY more resources out there to learn from, and a raw or homemade diet is way more of a thing than it was then. Which is amazing! I'm learning more and more every day which has made me want to get a little more creative with their meals- not just to make them "Insta worthy", (Do any of you follow @feedrealmovement or any feeding hashtags? Some of these bowls I am seeing appear to be made by 5 star chefs!) but also because I want to make sure that the Monsters are getting all of the nutrients they need.
The reason I feed a raw diet, is because I want to know exactly what they are eating. If someone has an allergy to something, I feel it's so much easier to narrow it down to exactly what is bothering them, when I know every single thing that goes into their bodies. 

Do you feel if you had easy access to information about feeding your dog, whether it's a raw diet, homemade diet, or what kibble is best... Would that effect your decisions on what you feed? Do you 100% stand by the food that you choose? 
How do you go about standing by what you feed with all of the recalls we are constantly being made aware of? 
I want to know all of these things!! This is a 100% judgement free zone and we are all here to LEARN! So please reply to this email and give me the scoops on what you scoop into your dogs bowls every day ;) I want all of the details! Bonus points for including pictures! I completely understand that just like people, every dog is different and something that works great for one dog, may not work at all for others. I am asking these questions purely out of curiosity and wanting to expand my knowledge, and also to know how to better help the dog parent community. 
Here's a peek at one of the Monsters dinners from a few nights ago. If you follow us on Instagram @4littlemonstersshop  you've probably already seen this picture, and will be seeing a lot more like it! In this bowl is:
Boneless Beef, Turkey Gizzards, Turkey Heart, Turkey Liver, Turkey Neck, 4 Little Monsters Dried Smelt, Fish Oil, Coconut Oil, and Keifer. 

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